Bowls, Basins and Jugs

Mixing bowls

the larger and heavier the better when it comes to this must buy necessity, if you are an avid pastry
or cake maker. Get two, I would, as a good pot or earthenware bowl will be
worth its weight in gold and last you years. You will need this weight and size so that its stable and won’t jump
around all over the work surface when you are beating air into those cakes or meringues!

A stainless steel bowl of the same size, is a bit lighter, yet still very durable. Smaller stainless steel Bowls sold in sets with lids for storage,
are useful, and they are also sold separately without lids to hold ingredients.

Pot or Pyrex bowls in smaller sizes, come in handy when measuring out ingredients for cakes. The old-fashioned pot “pudding basin” with
its rim and slight bell shape is fantastic for steaming, microwaving, and
hundreds of other things, get several as you’ll never want to be without
them. They come in 1 pint and one and three quarter pint approx half a litre and one litre capacity, plus many sizes
in between!


glass or Pyrex, large and small with good pouring spouts and handles, I would not part with them! I pour from them, mix in them, measure with
them …….Get Several!

Plastic jugs are perhaps not quite as indispensable if they are small, but when you microwave milk
or gravy that needs head-room to prevent boiling over, they score hands down.
Some have tactile markings for pints and litres, not always legible or
understandable either on the inside or outside, but the RNIB sell a tactile measure
which might help clarify things.