Brandy Butter

Why not serve this with your Christmas Pudding? The slightly salty flavour of the butter contrasts beautifully with the fruit in
the pudding and the alcoholic content enhances all the other flavours and,
above all, it’s quick to make.

This will serve six people.


You will need:

  • 3 oz, 75 g, 3 rounded tbsps slightly salted butter brought up to room temperature.
  • 3 oz, 75 g, 3 level tbsps caster sugar.
  • 1 and a half tbsps brandy.
  • 1 tsp lemon juice.

Take the butter out of the fridge about an hour before you need to make the brandy butter.
Start by beating the butter in a large bowl with a wooden spoon, until its soft and creamy.
Add the sugar a little at a time and beat well after each addition.
When all the sugar has been incorporated and thoroughly beaten in, add the brandy gradually while you
are still beating the mixture.
Lastly, beat in the lemon juice and, when everything is thoroughly mixed together, transfer the brandy
butter to a suitable small attractive serving dish and chill for several hours
before serving.