Preparing Cabbages

There are many different types of cabbage, some conical in shape and leafy, others round with corrugated leaves, others tight and compact like small
They are all full of goodness and basically prepared in the same way.
For those that have fairly open leaves, it will be possible to pull away the first couple of layers all the way round.
Pull away one leaf, turn the cabbage slightly, pull off the next one,
turn again and do the same until you return to where you pulled off the first leaf.
You should be able to feel the little ridge at the root end.
If the next layer of leaves down still feel a bit limp, do the same again and throw
them away, just to be on the safe side.

For hard, compact cabbages, you might be best to slice the cabbage in half to remove the outer leaves, then you
will be able to feel the leaf layers more easily.
Now, you can either chop or break the cabbage into small chunks or pieces, ready to soak in salted water to make sure its clean before cooking.
The stalky centre or (nut) is quite tough, so throw this away when you come to it, it’ll feel quite woody and hard.