Chopping Vegetables

Use a short bladed light weight knife with a flat, non-slip plastic or
wooden handle.
It would be helpful if the handle was ergonomically curved so that it will sit in your hand
comfortably, so you immediately know, without having to touch it, which side of the blade is facing
It makes for less frustration when you accidentally use the wrong side of the knife and it won’t chop!
Lay your peeled vegetable down on a chopping board, take the knife inn your usual hand, lay your first finger flat along the
top edge of the handle and your thumb on the flat side to stop the knife turning in your hand, curl your other fingers comfortably round the handle to support
the knife.

Locate the end of the prepared vegetable with the finger ends of your free hand.
Move them along the veg to give the required size slice or chunk, tuck your finger ends out of the way so that your nail ends are resting on the veg immediately below that
area, so that you can’t possibly cut yourself as only the side of the knife
will come up against the curve of your knuckles as you bring the knife across and cut down through the exposed end of the veg.
Remove the knife, push aside the slice or chunk of veg, denote the next slice or chunk width with your finger ends, tuck them away, bring the knife
across and slice again.
The action of measure, move fingers, slice, will become automatic, take it slowly to begin
with and you won’t have any accidents.