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Colour Properties:


More ways to use colour

Imagery and Meditation
Colour products
Aura-Soma have a colour essence for each separate chakra. Or consider their Rainbow essence. This balances all chakras at once. Not a bad idea! Cost for each diluted, ready to use essence, around £15.00
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On the following site there is information about the properties of colour.
It is stated here that green colour vibration treats everything. If you are unsure of which colour to choose, then try green for balance and harmony.
Deeptrancenowcom Color Therapy
accessed 23 July 2014

Note from Gladys:

Using green forever can mean we are unwilling to move, or make changes. Introducing different colours into our lives means we acknowledge change, and its positive possibilities’.
Further Reading
From RNIB library
The Miracle of Colour Healing by Vicki Wall
About a blind lady’s discovery of what have now become the Aura-Soma colour oils above.
The dictionary of Bach Flower Remedies by T. Hyne-Jones.
A quick reference on their positive and negative aspects.
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.
With a list of positive affirmations, she links physical conditions to the balance of the emotions.
Colour Therapy – How can I use it?
You don’t need sight to use colour therapy. Of course we need to know how to go about it. Many sighted people don’t see colours during visualisation or meditation. You can use imagery, or if that isn’t an option, we have our imagination, and here’s a quick, uplifting happiness boost. If you can’t picture sunshine, imagine it is there.
‘Ben Renshaw, co-director of the Happiness Project, says many of his clients associate sunshine with feeling happy’
He writes:
‘Whenever you need a quick boost, just picture the sun shining in your mind’
from (How to find happiness through colour, diet and visualisation …
How Happiness Colour Diet visualisation
accessed 13 October 2014

Other Ways to Use Colour

Mostly, colour therapy is free or inexpensive. Here are three easy everyday ways to choose from. Wear it-Eat it-Drink it
Will I wear it? Why reach for a blue shhirt today yet tomorrow it has to be yellow? It’s colour therapy, and your own choice.
The materials which carry colour energy are natural ones.
Step into colour, step into your little cotton socks. The colour we put next to our skin, has the best therapeutic effect.
Will I eat it? Why was red tomatoes a must today, yet yesterday it had to be a green salad? Yes, our body tells us what vitamins and minerals we need. At the same time, are we taking in colour for other reasons too? Is it possible the colours of the foods we want are also the colours we need for balancing our positive and negative energies at that specific moment?
Will I drink it? Solarise ordinary tap water. Take a clear glass tumbler. Put in a small crystal or mineral of your colour choice. Fill the glass with tap water. Stand it on a window sill, in the light.
The stronger the sunlight, the quicker the water takes on the colour vibrations of the crystal or mineral. Fifteen minutes is enough in strong sunlight. All day may be necessary if its not sunny. Store the solarised water in a plastic or glass bottle, in the fridge. It should last
for a long time. Use in hot or cold drinks, soups and so on. Alternatively, sip it at intervals. Useful for inflammation such as a sore throat, a piece of turquoise or green jade would be a good choice for throat, chest and lung infections for example.
See the colour properties for help with choices.

You can add Bach Flower Remedies to solarised water. These remedies, discovered by surgeon Edward Bach, also stand alone for treating emotions and the personality. See the list of thirty eight remedies, plus the Rescue remedy, for choices.

Quick reference

Always check the full guide to colour properties of your choice. There may be a better alternative for you.
Red gets us moving. raises blood pressure and temperature, stimulates circulation.

never use red if there is high blood pressure, circulatory and heart problems or raised anxiety levels.
Orange brightens, uplifts and helps us with creativity. Link to Orange.

Yellow helps us assimilate and digest information, or apply wisdom. Link to Yellow.

Green helps us cool, harmonise and balance. Good for infections. Link to Green.

Blue is for communication and expression, especially of the spoken word. It cools. Link to Blue
Blue is best avoided in cases of depression, low mood, low blood pressure. Turquoise or green jade could be alternative choices.

Indigo relates to the brain, thinking powerand responsibility. Link to Indigo.

Violet relates to self respect, balance of mind and spirit. Link to violet

Magenta relates to business, all aspects of love, and letting go. Link to Magenta

Gold assists with Confidence, breaking habits and addictions. Link to Gold.

White represents All the colours contained in white light. Gives complete colour treatment. Link to White.

Black strengthens the energy of colours worn along with it. Have we chosen black to be Chic or are we hiding behind it? Link to black

Most of all – Love yourself.

“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.”
Louise L. Hay (born 1926)


I have compiled these pages from knowledge gained for example, from courses, web pages on colour therapy, books, oils and experience of colour therapy use on myself and clients. Any books, imagery, products etcetera I mention are not written or made by me, and are therefore used at your own choice and risk.
Gladys Taylor