The Accessible Friends Network Code of Conduct

Version 2.1 last Amended October 2013


The code of conduct is a set of rules for the behaviour and responsibility, of all members of TAFN. This code covers ALL activities under the TAFN umbrella, including events on the server, all emailing lists, TAFN emailing addresses and outside events such as the cameo weekend. All members have a duty to TAFN to maintain the standards set out in these rules. It is every member’s responsibility to up hold the good name of TAFN at all times and to promote the name of TAFN by means of their commitment to the aims of the organisation.


The behaviour of members should be considerate to other members at all times. Room and list guidelines for the behaviour of members towards other members should be followed at all times. All members are required by these rules and code to show consideration to other members in respect of the following:


Language that may be seen as insulting, offensive or incompatible with the organisation should be avoided by all members at all times. Foul language will not be tolerated. Such instances will be monitored by a Moderator in the room or on mailing lists.

Furthermore language that is deemed to be insulting, offensive or derogatory in any way to another member’s ‘ethnicity’, sexual orientation or religious beliefs will not be tolerated.


Intoxication in a room will not be tolerated. members who are under the influence of excessive alcohol or recreational drugs should not enter a room or write an email to any list.


No member of TAFN whatever their status should harass another member of the organisation. Harassment is deemed to be repeated annoyance, bullying or intimidation. TAFN is based on friendship, and any member male or female, who takes that friendship further without the consent of the targeted party will be considered to be harassing that person. Therefore no harassment of any kind will be tolerated.


Please note that your user Id and password for the TAFN Communicator are strictly private and must not be passed on to others. The user name and password you have are unique to yourself and if others connect to the Communicator using these, it will be classed as gross miss-use of the server.

Information Protection.

Any information to do with the finances, account details or any other written information held by members in respect of TAFN is deemed to be strictly confidential.

All members of TAFN have a responsibility to other members in respect of their privacy. Any information held by TAFN on any member of the organisation is deemed to be confidential. Members who wish to share their details must do so by other means.

Members should not re-broadcast information acquired through the use of TAFN outside the membership without prior consent. This includes re-broadcasting of live audio through other programmes or telephone calls, Forwarding of emails received through the lists and Audio clips retrieved from the TAFN members area for broadcast to non members.

Legal Action.

we would ask that any member of tafn refrain from discussing any subjects on either the communicator or on any e-mailing lists run by tafn that may result in legal action being taken against either an individual or the organization as a whole, in accordance with UK law. This is for the protection of individual members as well as the entire charity.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in a member drafting a complaint to the elected members of the Mediation Arbitration and Development Committee.

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