Depression beck depression inventory

Depression Inventory

A (mood)
0 I do not feel sad
1 I feel blue or sad
2a I am blue or sad all the time and I can’t snap out of it
2b I am so sad or unhappy that it is very painful
3 I am so sad or unhappy that I can’t stand it

B (Pessimism)
0 I am not particularly pessimistic or discouraged about the future
2 I feel discouraged about the future
2a I feel I have nothing to look forward to
2b I feel that I won’t ever get over my troubles
3 I feel that the future is hopeless and that things cannot improve

C (Sense of Failure)
0 I do not feel like a failure
1 I feel I have failed more than the average person
2a I feel I have accomplished very little that is worthwhile or that means anything
2b As I look back. on my life all I can see is a lot of failures
3 I feel I am a complete failure as a person (parent, husband, wife)

D (Lack of Satisfaction)
0 I am not particularly dissatisfied
1a I feel bored most of the time
1b I don’t enjoy things the way I used to
2 I don’t get satisfaction out of anything any more
3 I am dissatisfied with everything

E (Guilty Feeling)
0 I don’t feel particularly guilty
1 I feel bad or unworthy a good part of the time
2a I feel quite guilty
2a I feel bad or unworthy practically all the time now
3 I feel as though I am very bad or worthless

F (Sense of Punishment)
0 I don’t feel I am being punished
1 I have a feeling that something bad may happen to me
2 I feel I am being punished or will be punished
3a I feel I deserve to be punished
3b I want to be punished

G (Self Hate)
0 I don’t feel disappointed in myself
1a I am disappointed in myself
1b I don’t like myself
2 I am disgusted with myself
3 I hate myself

H (self Accusations)
0 I don’t feel I am any worse than anybody else
1 I am very critical of myself for weaknesses or mistakes
2a I blame myself for everything that goes wrong
2b I feel I have many bad faults
I (Self-punitive JYishes)
0 I don’t have any thoughts of harming myself
1 I have thoughts of harming myself but I would not carry them out
2a I feel I would be better off dead
2b I have definite plans about committing suicide
2c I feel my family would be better off if I were dead
3 I would kill myself if I could

J (Crying Spells)
0 [ I don’t cry any more than usual
1 I cry more now than I used to
2 I cry all the time now. I can’t stop it
3 I used to be able to cry but now I can’t cry at all even though I want to

K< (Irritability) 0 I am no more irritated now than I ever am 1 I get annoyed or irritated more easily than I used to 2 I feel irritated all the time 3 I don't get irritated at all at the things that used to irritate me L, (Social Withdrawal) 0 I have not lost interest in other people 1 I am less interested in other people now than I used to be 2 I have lost most of my interest in other people and have little feeling for them 3 I have lost all my interest in other people and don't care about them at all. M(Indecisiveness) 0 I make decisions about as well as ever 1 I am less sure of myself now and try to put off making decisions 2 I can't make decisions any more without help 3 I can't make any decisions at all anymore N (Body Image) 0 I don't feel I look any worse than I used to 1 I am worried that I am looking old or unattractive 2 I feel that there are permanent changes in my appearance and they make me look unattractive 3 I feel that I am ugly or repulsive looking O (Work Inhibition) 0 I can work about as well as before 1a It takes extra effort to get started at doing something . 1b I don't work as well as I used to 2 I have to push myself very hard to do anything 3 I can't really do anything at all P (Sleep Disturbance) 0 I can sleep as well as usual 1 I wake up more tired in the morning than I used to 2 I wake up 1-2 hours earlier than usual and find it hard to get back to sleep 3 I wake up early every day and can't get more than 5 hours sleep Q (Fatigability) 0 I don't get any more tired than usual 1 I get tired more easily than I used to 2 I get tired from doing anything 3 I get too tired to do anything . R (Loss of Appetite) 0 My appetite is no worse than usual 1 My appetite is not as good as it used to be 2 My appetite is much worse now 3 I have no appetite at all any more S (Weight Loss) 0 I haven't lost much weight, if any, lately 1 I have lost more than 5 pounds 2 I have lost more than 10 pounds 3 I have lost more than 15 pounds T (Somatic Preoccupation) 0 I am no more concerned about my health than usual 1 I am concerned about aches and pains or upset stomach or constipation or other unpleasant feelings in my body 2 I am so concerned with how I feel or what I feel that it's hard to think of much else 3 I am completely absorbed in what I feel U (Loss of Libido) 0 I have not noticed any recent change in my interest in sex 1 I am less interested in sex than I used to be 2 I am much less interested in sex now 3 I have lost interest in sex completely an average score of 3 or over indicates depression. Disclaimer: You should consult your doctor regardless of the result.