Candie Bridges

My name is Candie. I live in Surrey, England, and have done for over five years. Originally, I am from Georgia in the United States. Growing up, music was my best friend, keeping me company while reading or completing school assignments. Some of my best childhood memories are listening to music, either played on the radio or played by family members. By listening to golden oldies shows with my mother, or cassettes, vinyl records, or the local country stations, or whatever else we could find, with my two older brothers and my twin sister, I gained a liking for all types of music.
Since I was very young, I thought I’d like to be a DJ, playing songs other people wanted to hear. Now, thanks to TAFN Radio, I have that opportunity. I really enjoy the interaction with my listeners, and love hearing any song I might not have properly heard before, when it is requested. The old favourites are also always welcome.

My interests include:
* Music
* Technology
* Helping people whenever I can
* Learning new things
* Spending time with friends or family
* Reading
* Dramas and documentaries
* Online games and quizzes

If you want to contact me, or any of the other DJs on TAFN Radio, here are the contact details:
Email US

Twitter, @QuietDreamer3

If you hear one of my shows from our on-demand service and would like to send a comment or request to me personally, please, include my name in the subject of your email, so I will be aware of your comments. Also, if you have my personal contact details, you may use them.

Thank you for reading.


Jay Jackson

My Profile
Born in Birmingham 1957
Lives in Fife Scotland
Interests include
a great passion for Song writing, playing keyboards,
enjoy Good food and fine wines,
Socializing when at all possible
Due to my inimitable sense of humor, enjoy British comedy
Dj work is also high on my priority list too, in particular I am extremely proud to be part of the Accessible Friends Network
musical tastes include sixties seventies and some eighties,
Favourite artists Alan Parsons Project, Jude Cole and Skipperwise

Mark Tyler

My name is Mark Tyler.
I was born in Isleworth west london in 1972.
I am married to my lovely wife Linda,
I have 4 Step children,
and 3 granddaughters,
2 dogs and 2 cats.
I have always been intrested in music from a young age.
But never thought i would be a DJ on TAFN radio.
I do 4 shows a week ranging from 1950s to music in the charts today.
If you would like to contact me or any DJS please email
Email US
Thankyou for reading
Mark Tyler.


me, i am michelle collins, i live in new malden surrey with my partner of 33 years pat.
we have two adult sons and 2 lively grandsons, and add to that my own babies ice and bella our family is complete.
ice is my boy , he is a white husky with blue eyes,
bella is my girl, she is a black and tan rottweiler with a very gentle temprament .
i hav been a member of the accessible friends network since 2007 and have made many good friends, and of course i am very much involved in tafn radio both as a dj and as a member of the management team.
add to this my work as an exec officer and a member of the events team and you see i have a very full life , you could even say my cup runneth over.
my likes hmmm,
i love reading, music , chatting on either skype or tafn team talk server, and my real relaxing hobby is role play once a week where i am able to weind down for the weekend. as well as being a VIP, i use a wheelchair but can still hobble around when i need to. thank you for reding and i hope you will tune in to the great sound of tafn radio, you can find links etc on this website .
enjoy and i hope tafn radio is to your likeing.
cheers michelle collins.

Shirley Grant

My name is Shirley Grant, living in the Midlands, I host the Jazz Event on TAFN Radio every

Monday and Friday evening from 7pm to 8pm.

I was introduced to Jazz in my teenage years by my late husband Geoff, and really got hooked on it.
Now I get so much enjoyment out of playing my Jazz music on TAFN Radio.

Shirley G

Steve HD

Personal Profile For Steve HD

The Afternoon Show – Tuesday 2 pm – 4 pm
The Friday Rock Show – Friday 10 pm – 12 midnight

I never really know how to start one of these profiles! I guess, telling you a bit about myself, and my background would be a good start! I grew up in a musical family. My father was a Professional Brass Bandsman and played Principal Cornet for many bands. My Mum loved listening to him and this, I think, gave me a wider appreciation of music in general. I learned to play classical guitar which, I think is the point where I started to move to the dark side! Much to the disgust of my classical guitar teacher. I now had the tool to further express my love for rock music! The occasional leap into a Metallica lead break did not go unnoticed! Smiles. Although I loved all sorts of music, I always felt that my roots were firmly imbedded in rock and metal music. I love the minor chord progressions and key changes. This is why I love doing the Friday Rock Show on TAFN and being able to share with our listeners some of the thrill and excitement of the genre. I feel that there’s only a thin line that borders my interest for Trance music as well. The comparisons between the dark and powerful minor chord sequences and the progressions within the music. Finally, my afternoon show on a Tuesday allows me to play so much of the popular music I grew up with. Old and fond memories of yesteryear. I enjoy the knowledge that many people will also hear the music and think back over old experiences. Music is so powerful and emotive.

A Little About myself

I’m married to my lovely wife, Jayne and have two beautiful little girls, Aimee and Megan. I also have two older lads from my previous marriage, Craig and Karl. We live in the frequently rainy county of Cumbria, you may even hear the rain on air sometimes! I’m in my late 40’s and come from the Emerald city of Belfast. Amongst my hobbies, I love my radio work, I’m a Ham Radio nerd and have played Acoustic, Lead, Rhythm and Bass Guitar, though not all at the same time! And have done so for over 30 years! I’ve also played in numerous bands but currently play in an acoustic band called The Big Society.

One of the things that gives me a buzz with TAFN radio is knowing that what we’re doing is giving some pleasure to someone. It’s great to see the feedback from listeners who enjoy the shows and I know, all the presenters feel the same when they get emails into the station. I’d like to finish simply by thanking you all for listening to TAFN Radio, to myself and to all of the DJ’s. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do it. Drop me, or any of the presenters, an Email
and we’ll gladly say hi and play you something!

Tony Bowers.

Profile for Tony Bowers.( Truck Stop)

I am 66 years old and live in the wonderful english county of Shropshire.
My show,Truck Stop , is a mismash of all age country music both
traditional C&W up to modern country.
As a young man i enjoyed most C&W but as country leaned toward pop music
I became disallusioned so left the genre and moved to pop music proper
so to speak.
Coming back into country I now realise how much i have missed.

About me;
As i have said , i am 66 years old, 5feet 11in tall, very light brown
hair with a very wide parting.
What do I like;
Well , i like most genre’s of music up to 1990. I love food, enjoy red
wine and camra ales. i ALSO ENJOY WALKING WITH DOG AND WIFE.

My status;
I am married to edith and have been for 35 years , happily i think.(
can’t  speak for the wife,smile)

WE have a great family and enjoy life to the full.
Before joining the TAFN radio team I could never have imagined ever
sitting talking to myself but I am so glad i was talked into it .
The TAFN Radio team  are a great bunch of people and many like myself
had never thought of radio presenting.
That is me in a nutshell, and like  all the TAFN Radio presenters we are
all availble while on air via the station email .
Thank you for reading and hope you weren’t too bored.

tony bowers, Truck Stop presenter.