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Harry Mason chairman

My name is Mr. Harry Mason, M.B.E. and I set out below my profile as to why you should vote for me in this election.


My name is Harry Mason, M.B.E. and I am putting myself forward to be considered as Chair for TAFN in this election. Let me tell you why I think you should vote for me.

As many of you will know, I served as Chair for four and a half years a while ago during a time of great difficulty for the Charity and I believe that I was able to guide TAFN through those times until we were able to come through to the other end of a bad situation into a much better light. There is no doubt that these things could not have been achieved without the very able help and support of the rest of the Executive Committee because no one should ever think that they can do things on their own. There is always a need for much co-operation on a Committee like ours.

It would appear that the Charity is currently going through some turbulent waters and I believe that, with my expertise in leadership and committee management, I can help us get back on to much calmer waters in the future.

If you vote for me, I promise honesty, good sense and a willingness to be available to all members should they need to contact me on any matter at all.


Steve Hyde-Dryden secretary

Dear Members,

Given the forthcoming elections, I would like to put forward my name to be considered for the position of Secretary. I feel that I possess the relevant qualities and experience to be able to undertake the role. I have worked within a business environment for many years. Each of my various roles, either as an employee, manager or even as a self-employed Trainer/Consultant have not only given me the appropriate experience but, also has taught me the importance of keeping correct and accurate records.
Having been responsible for the management of several large-scale projects, I have gained the ability to prepare and produce detailed reports and progress updates to a high degree of accuracy. In addition, and possibly more relevant in this particular situation, I have sat on numerous TAFN committees in past years including several terms on our very own Development Mediation and Arbitration Committee and, as chair, on our Executive Committee 2019 -2021. Again, I understand its function and purpose and have the experience of two years being on this very committee.

It is my belief that for any committee to be effective, the most essential component of that is trust, honesty and team working. This committee has gone through a considerable upheaval, and I believe that with my previous experience and, what I hope I have already shown members in terms of my commitment to the organisation, I can help contribute to re-establishing balance and harmony to TAFN through what is already an excellent committee.
and to bring TAFN back to what it was in years gone by.

I thank you all for taking the time to read this and I hope you will support my application with your vote.

Thank you once again.

Steve Hyde-Dryden

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