Guests and members enjoy a wide variety of benefits from TAFN. These include:

A wide range of live online events
Covering events from interactive chat to music streaming, from practical training to listen-in demonstrations, there’s something for everyone. These are run by our small group of volunteers and there’s always room for more.
E-mail Lists
Guests have access to 2 of our many mailing lists:

  • A general discussion list covering many topics of discussion.
  • The TAFN Announce list which sends out event shedules and important notices.

Members also have access to the following services not available to guests:

A personal e-mail account
Either a forwarding address, or a secure IMAP or POP mailbox.

Mailboxes include a fully accessible webmail interface.
Financial assistance funds
Many of our members live on limited funds, we therefore set aside a small budget to help those in need with technology costs.

  • The TAFN Technology Fund can provide money to cover the cost of replacement hardware, for example a new hard drive.
  • The TAFN Technology Fund can be used to provide a limited amount of money towards the cost of a new computer.
  • The SMA Fund can help members with expensive upgrades on access software.
  • The Emergency Lifeline Fund, or ELF can assist our members who suffer a major disaster. This could be flooding or other serious upheaval.

Terms and Conditions apply to all funds.

Mailing Lists
Members have access to over 30 lists including:

  • Beliefs and Religion.
  • A book club list.
  • Creative Writing.
  • Smartphone Discussion.
  • Sports Talk.
  • Tech Discussion.
Members Only Content
Our members area contains everything from official documents to recordings of past events. These include:

  • Official events and projects by a variety of members.
  • Past recordings of Christmas and haloween events.
  • TAFN Talent Night recordings.
  • Audio of our accessible device demonstrations.
  • AGM minutes.
  • Members general meeting minutes.
  • Terms and Conditions for financial assistance.

There’s a whole lot more to explore for members and guests, and we’re always looking for new content.

There’s no obligation to become a full member. So if you’re blind or vision impaired, or you are a family member of someone with sight loss, why not join us today and try us out?

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