What goes on AT TAFN?

Online Events

As well as being a place where you can have a friendly chat with people at any time of the day or night, our voice conferencing server plays host to many fantastic and varied online events.

These events are run by our members which everyone is invited to take part in. Examples of some of our events include:

The Friday Night Quiz
This is a general knowledge quiz usually hosted by Chris and Theresa. It lasts for around 2 hours and takes place every Friday night.
Archers Event
Every other Wednesday, join this event for relaxed and fun chat about the goings on in Ambridge.
Music Events
Many of our members love music, and there are always music events taking place on the server which you are most welcome to join.
TAFN has a PRS license which covers the streaming of music.
Chain Reaction
This is a fun team word game in which you have to complete a chain of words. This event runs twice a week on a Monday.
Room for your Beliefs
This is a monthly faith and spiritual group who meet to discuss issues surrounding faith religion and spirituality.

These are just some of the great events taking place regularly on TAFN. You can find a full up-to-date list at the top of the locator frame by activating the link called Upcoming events.

Bonus ball, bingo and raffles

As a full member of TAFN, you can take part in some events that could win you some money or prizes. These events serve to raise much needed funds for the charity and its development.

Bonus Ball
This game is based on the bonus ball that is drawn out on the UK national lottery. You can buy a number for £5 per month. If your number comes up at one of the Lotto draws, you win £12.50.
Held once a month, on a Saturday evening. Why not take part in a game of bingo hosted by Mark and Linda?
The cost is £3 for one card and £5 for two or all three cards for £10
From time to time, we have a raffle to raise money for the organization. This is run by our members and we have had some great prizes in the past, including a £100 hamper and Cash Prizes.

Please note that the bonus ball, bingo and raffle are only available to full members. Guests are welcome to sit in and listen on the bingo event.