Getting Involved

Over time you may wish to get involved in helping out with the running of things at TAFN. You can do this in a number of ways. Please note that this only applies to full members.


We are always looking for new ideas and volunteers. If you feel you have a good idea or want to help run or organise events, contact our online events coordinator.

Attending the members meetings:

On the second Sunday of each month, we hold a monthly meeting to which all full members are invited. this meeting is your chance to hear how work has been going on in the different teams and committees during the previous month, including:

  • How the bank accounts are looking
  • What changes have been made to the website
  • Any development work that is being undertaken

Sometimes you will have the chance to vote on issues that will affect TAFN.

This meeting takes place at 3PM UK time in the members room on the communicator server.

Getting involved in committees

From time to time we look for new people to join committees. If you think you have skills that could be beneficial, please get in touch with us, detailing your skills and experience.

Some committees may require full membership for a minimum period. You would be advised of this upon your application.