Steps on Installing our chat room software TeamTalk 5

please read carefully and follow the steps.
if you already have team talk 5 installed then please go to step 2.

Step 1:

1. Enter on the below link to download TeamTalk for windows
Enter Here To Download Our Chatroom Software TeamTalk For Windows
2. choose save
Press Control J and press enter
3. choose run if asked ore open
4. Press ault Y to allow the software press tab to next
5. tab to i do not agree and press arrow up to i agree Tab to next press enter
6. Tab to Next press enter
7. this step is very important arrow down to team talk classic for accessibility tab to next press enter
Unless you are upgrading over a old version of TeamTalk then it will be already selected.
8. tab to next press enter
9 tab and make shore creat a desktop icon is checked and if it is not checked press your space bar to check it tab to next press enter
10. tab to install press enter
11. Press your tab to launch team talk and un check it by pressing space bar tab to finish.

Installing your team talk account info.
1. go to your email program.
2. find the email we just sent to you
3. enter on the download link.
4. when asked Tab to open or save if you wish to keep your setup file
5. Tab to open if you did not save the file
6 Depending on what version of windows you are running you mite get a box come up asking you to allow the software Press ault Y to allow the software
7. tab to yes and press enter
you will hear welcome to the new tafn chat rooms
and you will be in the lobby.
8. Press f4 shift tab once right errow to connection
press tab once to you hear always auto connect to latest host and press your space bar.
press tab to ok and press your space bar.
From now on when you enter on TeamTalk on your desktop you will go strate in to the lobby.
hope to chat with you soon.
Mark Tyler TAFN webmaster.
you have now setup team talk for TAFN
if you need any help please contact
with a contact number skype user name or email address.
The opening hours of the helpdesk is 9am to 5pm
Monday to Friday.
out of hours you will be contacted the next working day.