Amazon devices

You can listen to TAFN radio on any amazon device
Just say the wake up word followed by open TAFN radio

Listen To TAFN Radio Using Tune In Radio

Go To
Go to search and type in TAFN radio
also can get tune in radio on iPhone and android.

Listen to TAFN radio with your mediaplayer

Press CTRL L and paste in and press enter.
Windows media player:
Press CTRL U and paste in and press enter.
VLC media player:
Press CTRL N and paste in and press enter.

Victor Reader Stream second adishtion

1 Only compatible with 3rd Gen Stream Players with Internet Radio.1. From the Internet Radio bookshelf within the online bookshelf, choose “search on OOTunes”.
2. There are two options: browse by genre, and search by name. Use key 8 to get to the search by name field, and press confirm to select.
3. Using the text entry capability of the keypad, enter tafn radio if you remember the days of keying in alpha numerics, you will remember that the first press of the number 2 sends an a, 2 presses send a b, 3 a c, and 4 the number 2; the first press of the number 3 sends a d, 2 presses send an e, 3 an f and 4 the number 3, and so on through to number 9.) Check out chapter 5.1 in the Stream user guide for more information on entering text, special punctuation and characters, and deleting.
4. Once your results are revealed, navigate to the station you are seeking by pressing the 4/6 keys, and once you are on the station you desire, press play.
5. You can now add this station to your favorites, if you wish, by pressing the bookmark key, and then confirm.