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Sue’s Kitchen is a practical guide for blind and visually impaired cooks, their parents, teachers, families and friends. Whether you are just learning to cook, want to carry on cooking confidently after losing your sight or simply love trying new recipes, there’s bound to be something here to interest you.

Hello, I’m Sue Pallett. Welcome to my virtual kitchen where I hope you will find something tasty to cook. All my recipes are original and have been created by me personally and are thoroughly tried and tested, therefore do not infringe any copyright.

I am a blind person from
birth and I began cooking at the age of eight in 1961; first of all being taught to make sandwiches and simple breakfast dishes. I was hooked right from the start and fell in love with all the wonderful aromas and the thrill of creating things to eat right from scratch!

That was in the days before all the convenience foods we have around to help us out now! Over the years at school, cookery was taught properly, thoroughly and traditionally, thus I received a complete grounding in all basic cooking techniques and styles. After school, during college and even beyond, I took courses in specific subjects, such as cake making, Italian cooking and traditional British fare, gaining certificated recognition from my local catering college.

Now that I have access to specialist technology and the web space I would love nothing more than to share just a little of my love and joy in turning raw ingredients into completed meals with you so that we can have fun and a chat along the way while we cook together. My recipes are many and varied, from traditional British food, through to spicy and continental cuisine. There is also a section on one pot cooking!

Many recipes contain tips which through my own experience, I feel will help people with little or no sight prepare some of the dishes more easily. I have also included a list of abbreviations, terms and an explanation of cooking methods used throughout the recipes.

My pages have comprehensive practical advice for blind people to help them complete many basic domestic everyday tasks safely, confidently and independently. There are hints and tips on making a hot drink, preparing sandwiches, and peeling and slicing fresh fruit and vegetables.

There is advice on which cooking utensils and pots and pans to buy, storing and labelling foods, How to cook safely on the hob, in the oven, under the grill or in the microwave. I describe how to make home-made bread and cakes, cook nutritious meals all in one pot, along with recipes for soups, stews, snacks, complete meals and so much more.

I’m not a cookery teacher or professional person, and loved cooking since childhood, both at home, school and college, and want to pass on what I’ve learned to you. I hope you will use these web pages and the practical basic advice and selection of recipes, to develop your own safe cooking methods to create many other tasty recipes.

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Neither the Accessible Friends Network or myself, will be held responsible for any personal injury, damage to equipment or failure to achieve the expected results, while preparing or cooking any of these recipes.

The text and digital images on this page are copyrighted and may not be sold or reproduced without prior written permission.