A very warm welcome to TAFN

Welcome to TAFN, the Accessible Friends Network. We’re glad you’re here. You’re welcome, whether you’re blind, vision impaired, or are the friend or family member of someone with a vision impairment.

Our mission at TAFN is to provide friendship and support for people with vision impairments and their families. We are a nonprofit organization located in the United Kingdom. Our members come from every walk of life and are located around the world. Though our members come from many cultures, we share many experiences while living with a visual impairment. TAFN helps its members share their strength, hope, and experience as well as laughter and successes.

Why should I join TAFN?

Our members enjoy a number of unique benefits not easily found online. We provide guest memberships so you can see what it’s like to be part of the TAFN community.

(guest and paid members enjoy:

  • An accessible, easy to install and configure voice conferencing client
  • A wide range of accessible games and quiz nights
  • Events such as a book club, cooking demonstrations, creative writing group, and accessible gardening chat
  • Music and drama events performed by members
  • Computer and technology training
  • Demonstrations of accessible devices and tools that help blind people become more independent
  • Social chats
  • Optional and friendly email lists for members
  • A computer technical support help desk

Paid members enjoy everything listed above as well as:

  • Financial assistance with the SMA for your screenreader
  • Financial reimbursement toward major computer repair
  • Financial assistance with the cost of a new computer if your old one breaks
  • An optional Wishing Well draw
  • A free email address

Who Are We?

TAFN is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting people with vision impairments. Our board and leadership committees are staffed by people with visual impairments. Our members elect board members and are instrumental in shaping TAFN’s policies and plans for the future.

Our funding comes from donations, membership fees, bequests, and grants.

Our Patron Timothy Bentinck

A photo of actor Timothy Bentinck TAFN Patron

actor Tim Bentinck

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