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On this page you will find articles, helpline numbers, audio files and outlines of various mental illnesses.


bi-polar what is it


Depression what is it
Depression an overview
beck depression inventory

General mental health information

General mental health information

Is psychiatry working series

is psychiatry working series


Body focused repetitive behavior
OCD disclosing
OCD in the name of god
OCD the problems of reassurance
What OCD Is and Is Not audio
OCD and Blindness My Journey by Greg Hamilton


Panic disorder
Panic no panic helpline

RNIB list of mental health orientated books

rnib list of mental health orientated books


Mental health conditions – SANE
What is schizophrenia?
Schizophrenia and blindness my journey by Martin Norris


Anxiety panic an phobia what are they
Mindfulness article
Sexual side effects of ssri drugs
Glossary of mental health terms
RNIB article on mental health

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